What Services are Provided by the Mobile Locksmith?

It’s a Monday morning and you’re exhausted. You get into your car and realize you left your lunch in the kitchen! You race back inside, grab your lunch, and try to get back into your car – but it’s locked. You can see the keys innocently laying on the driver’s seat, and you curse your bad luck. Sound familiar? This happens to the best of us at some point, whether we accidentally lock our keys inside our car or in our house, leaving us stranded and unable to go about our day. Luckily, many locksmiths provide mobile services, such as Power Lock & Key which provides mobile locksmith services in North Hollywood, and is the perfect service for these inconvenient situations.

What Can You Expect With a Mobile Locksmith?

Well, for starters, at Power Lock and Key, a mobile locksmith service in North Hollywood, you can expect twenty-four hour service for any of your locksmith necessities, ranging from residential to commercial to automotive! You can expect swift mobile locksmith service thanks to Power Lock & Key’s 24 hour hotline at fair, competitive prices. They also offer preventative measures so something like this doesn’t happen to you again, such as duplicating your key (just like the factory) but at half the price and wait time! Mobile locksmiths are especially helpful when you’ve been locked out of the house or car, or if you urgently need new locks installed or rekeyed.

What Are Some Mobile Locksmith Services?

Power Lock & Key’s locksmith services include twenty-four hour locksmith access, flat prices (no bait and switch here) and we are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company. Power Lock & Key has the latest in laser and transponder key technology, so you won’t need to go to the dealer if you happen to misplace your car keys. Say goodbye to those long wait times with mobile locksmiths! Many dealerships will have you waiting weeks for those replacements keys, whereas we will have your new keys ready in minutes, and have you back on the road as quickly as possible. Also, if you have broken off your key in the keyhole of your car don’t try to remove it yourself, as you might set off your car alarm and people may believe they are witnessing a car theft. Power Lock & Key offers services such as rekeying locks, opening locked trunks, replacing high security ignition keys, extracting keys, automotive key replacements, and more.

If you lock your key in your car, no sweat! Give us a call and our mobile locksmith will be out in minutes to help get you back on the road. People have rather busy lives nowadays, and delays can throw your entire schedule out of balance – not to mention the added irritation of realizing you’ve locked yourself out of your car or house. That’s why if you’re looking for a mobile locksmith in North Hollywood, look no further than Power Lock & Key. We will help you in a quick and efficient manner. You’ll be back to your regularly scheduled day with as little delay as possible!